Millions of people enjoyed the art of embroidery for thousands of years, and this art will continue to serve as consolation and joy while the world exists."                                                                                                                                    Marion Alford,1886.


   "Krasa & Tvorba" Ltd. offers you to experience the world of pleasure and tranquility, to spend time interestingly and with pleasure with sets for embroidery brand  "Krasa i Tvorchist" and your own hands to create works of art that will surely find a cozy corner in your home.               

We are pleased to invite you to the wonderful world of needlework!
   According to numerous requests from our customers, we offer you some favourite thread works made in beads.
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 Dear  Embroiderers!

The company "Krasa & Tvorba" gives you the opportunity to embroider the same kits in beads or threads.

This way we hope to satisfy the requirements of those who like both types of needlework.


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