About company

 Krasa i Tvorchist, with headquarters in the city of Kharkiv, in the Ukraine, is a business founded in May of 2008 as a family-owned company currently headed by the second generation inspired by the legacy of a great passion for embroidery. Tetiana Gordina is, in fact, in charge of designing and creating products while Nikolay Gordin heads the technical aspects of production.

 Facilities extend over 480 square meters, and twenty two employees work here. Products are marked by a style that prioritizes beauty, romanticism and the splendors of Nature in every possible expression, from large castles to little birds perching on a branch.

 There is nothing negative here, only beauty and harmony are the pillars on which every design is created, resulting in beautiful embroidery kits.Designers at Krasa i Tvorchist love innovation as they create, and apply new techniques like panoramic embroidery (using fabrics with background images, like an empty Patio to which they later add objects or people), and also large-size projects combining embroidery and beads or trimmings, in a complex technique involving creativity and a true challenge that causes great pleasure for everything is set to make completion simple and easy. 


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